Friday, May 7, 2010

WWF wrestler Chyna (John Marie Laurer)

Chyna (John Marie Laurer), a prominent American wrestler and actress, born on December 27, 1970 in Rochester, New York. Chyna is best known for her wrestling life form 1997 to 2001. At the time she gained much popularity and celebrity status.

Chyna or Marie Laurer's life was not a bed of rose. She had to struggle a lot during her childhood and teenage period. She had three step-mothers and one step-father. At the age of sixteen, she left home. She completed her high school studies in Spain and graduation from University of Tampa in Spanish studies. While in college Chyna was raped by two drunk man in a party.

Chyna joined WWF (World Wrestling Fedaration) in 1996. She woned World Wemen Wrestling Championship for several times and participated as first female in Royal Rumble.

After retirment form WWF, Chyna was involed with differnet media. She posed nude for Playboy in the year 2000 and participated in a adult documentary for playboy in the year 2002.


Ring Name: Chyna

Born: 27th Dec, 1970; Rochester, New York

Resides: Los Angeles, California

Weight: 82 kg

Hight: 5 ft 10 inch

Championship: WWF Intercontinental Championship - 03 times; WWF Women's Championship - 01 time

Media works: TV series of Pacific blue (1996), the Surrel life, Remember when, First Celebrity Fear Factor, Pilot etc.

Movie: Byond the mat, Chyna fitness, 1 night in China, Cougar Club etc.