Saturday, August 29, 2009

Indrani Halder : Beauty of West Bengal

Indrani is a Bengali actress. She started her career as a child artist in one of the television series called Tero Parban.

Indrani, also known as Mamoni, was born in Kolkata on January 6th 1971. Her father is Sanjoy Haldar. She finished her schooling from the Multipurpose Girl’s School and graduated from Jogomaya Devi College. She is trained in classical dance from Thankumoni Kutti. She was engaged to her costar in Dahan, Sanjeeb Dasgupta, but later married a pilot.

Indrani's first film in the lead role was Sujit Guhas Mandira. In 1993 for Kancher Prithibi and 1995 for Charachar she received the Best Actress award from BFJA. Rituparna Sengupta and she received the National Award in 1998 for their performance in Dahan. Her performance in the TV series called Kuasha Jakhan won her the Patton Kalakar Award.

She has acted in many television serials like Fakir (1998), Kuasha Jakhan( 1997), Sange Indrani, Bahanno Episode, Tamasharekha, Ma Shakti and many more. In Satarupa Sanyal's first directorial effort aclled Anu, she played the challenging role of a young girl who is gang raped.

She has also anchored TV shows, has taken up directing and has set up her own production house.


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